Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Synchronize: Episode 3

07.23.13 Episode 03: Short, Sharp, Shakti

In this issue:

Michael Schacht, of Gosporn.blogspot.com, interview and Radio8Ball

znore, of GroupNameForGrapejuice.blogspot.com, on Funeral Parade of Roses

317 Shakti by Alan Abbadessa-Green

Listen here: http://thesyncbook.com/synchronize#Ep03

Saturday, July 27, 2013

42 Minutes Greenroom (from Episode 77)

Alan continues talking about Suicide Kings in the 42 Minutes greenroom. This is a continuation of episode 77 and was recorded on 3/27/13

Episode 77: http://thesyncbook.com/42minutes#Ep77

Episode 77 greenroom: http://thesyncbook.com/42minutes#Ep77greenroom

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Always Record: Episode 57

07.25.13 Episode 57: Bold As Love (with Kevin Halcott)
Kevin Halcott of liveinchapelperilous.blogspot.com and INNIS joins Alan, David, and Bill to discuss the inverted Pentagram, television, Sirius, fishdograbbits, Robert Anton Wilson, PKD's plasmate, and the Burger King-Kill.

Listen here: http://thesyncbook.com/alwaysrecord#Ep57

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Always Record: Episode 56

07.18.13 Episode 56: Chaosmos

Alan, David and Bill are joined by Andras Jones for a little state of the sync-union, Alan reports on seeing 2001 on the Big Screen, the path of Strength (OZ) and the Sea of Time, Apollo and Dionysus, and Metatron.

Listen here: http://thesyncbook.com/alwaysrecord#Ep56

Friday, July 12, 2013

Thick As A Brick In The Wall

About a week ago I woke from a dream with the idea to play Jethro Tull's "Thick As A Brick" over the 1982 film "The Wall". I gave it a shot and was amazed at how thematically similar the pieces were (in ways I never consciously thought about before) but the music and images weren't doing much for me as a pair. I let it run for a little bit and noticed that a newspaper appears on screen (at roughly 9 minutes and 10 seconds into the film) and that the Thick As A Brick album cover is a newspaper. So, I re-started the album from that starting point and the results were amazing.
The sync stays pristine for the full first side of the album then tappers off. However, it turns out that Ian Anderson (lead of Jethro Tull) made a sequel album called "Thick as a Brick 2" in 2012. Interestingly, he starts this sequel album the exact same way he started the B-side of the original album, synchronistically telling me that I could substitute the original B-side with this new album. Doing so, then starting the original B-side when the 2012 sequel is finished, brings the total audio about 10 minutes over the film. So, since I started 9+ minutes late (where the newspaper comes in), I threw that over the beginning. A strange sort of dream logic to be sure, but I think the result speaks for itself. Here it is:

Always Record: Episode 55

07.11.13 Episode 55: Romper Room 237
Romper Bomper Stomper Boo, tell me, tell me, tell me do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play? I see David and Bill and Alan. And I see Donnie Darko had a special day when the world was ending. I see Hadden Industries built Donnie's artifact. And I see 911 was a special day for Osama and the Lion. I see Jodie Foster had a special day with Ronald Reagan and her dad at the beach. And of course friends, you know the NSA sees you.

Listen here: http://thesyncbook.com/alwaysrecord#Ep55