Thursday, January 30, 2014

Always Record: Episode 75

01.30.14 Episode 75: Prima Discordia (with Adam Gorightly)

Who Is The Master Who Makes The Grassy Knoll Green? Adam Gorightly of schools us on MKUltra, Kerry Thornley, JFK, Discordianism and the CIA. "This has always been a working theory of mine, that Dealey Plaza was some sort of interdimensional vortex entertaining alternate reality perceptions. That's why there are so many varying theories about the JFK assassination, because they're all true and false at the same time." Then on to Charles Manson, James Shelby Downard, Robert Anton Wilson and Sirius Space Bunnies.

Listen here:

Friday, January 24, 2014

Always Record: Episode 74

01.23.14 Episode 74: EyeOnASphere (with Michael Allen)

Video Projection Artist Michael Allen ( puts David and Alan into his Montauk chair and blasts awesomeness at their brains.