Thursday, August 22, 2013

Always Record: Episode 62

08.22.13 Episode 62: Check Yourself
Chess, Dick in a Box, Tefillin Cube, Henson's The Cube, 2001 White Room, and Pyramids of control.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Always Record: Episode 61 (with Chris Knowles)

08.15.13 Episode 61: Set the Controls (with Christopher Knowles)

Christopher Knowles ( joins Alan, David, and Bill to discuss a few topics including NSA/Echelon and Facebook, Mediated Millennials (Medicated by Amusement vs Oppressive Nature of Boredom), Energetic of Music and Church of Sound (The Secret History of Rock & Roll), Mystery Religions, Cultural DNA, Cyclical Program of the Ether, Disaster Scenarios, Mega Rituals, Power of Nature, Giving Away Our Own Power, The Invention of Fundamentalism, Oil Money, Esalen, Co-opting and Neutering the Counter-Culture, The Outer Limits and Star Trek, Intentional Use of Symbolism vs Archetypes and Symbols Telling Their Own Stories, Sirius and 17, Obama's Lack of Change, Fake Outrage Over "Occult" Symbolism as Marketing Tool, Masonic Influences, MKUltra/Monarch/PseudoOccultMedia/Vigilant Citizen, Artists Tapping into Higher Weirdness, Jack Kirby, The New Mysterians vs Bigger Mysteries, Walls of Causality vs Thinking Magically, Finding the Others, Drinking Magically vs Smoking Magically, The Workload of the Secret Sun and Investing in Artwork, The Ride, and The Longest 42 Minutes.

Listen here:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Always Record: Episode 60

08.08.13 Episode 60: What's Up Doc Brown? (with Joe Alexander)

Joe Alexander joins David and Alan to celebrate 8/8, because when Always Record hits 88mph, we hear some Sirius Shit. . . . Lucky Rabbit's Foot on Fire, Chris Lloyd, TV as Rabbit Hole.

See also: Cuckoo's Nest clip of first appearance of Chris Lloyd--cam pans to artwork of not only an eye in a pyramid but also a broken clock, future-echoing BTTF . . . Batman/Joker/Cuckoo's Nest

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Always Record: Episode 59

08.07.13 Episode 59: HAL is Other People (with Mark LeClair)

Mark LeClair joins Alan and David for a 2001: A Space Odyssey long-haul. . . . Hello Hell, can you hear me? . . . Smile, you're in the camera (Moon in the Middle, Mirror in the Meddle) . . . Sympathetic Schizophrenia (HAL is other people) . . . and Logik (with a "k")

Also referenced: David's video "Howl 9000 and the Dawn of Pan"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Always Record: Episode 58

08.01.13 Episode 58: Now You F%$#*ng Ear Me?

Will Morgan, Andras Jones, Tommy Fulks, Douglas Bolles, Frank Zero, and ViolatoR(Jeremy) join Alan, Bill and David to discuss two FB threads ( about the use of the phrase "Ear Rape". . . . Basically it is a bunch of white men trying (more likely struggling) to understand the distinctions between offensiveness, sensitivity, humor, free speech, censorship, racism, Lenny Bruce and the like.