Sunday, February 17, 2013

Always Record: Episode 38

02.14.13 Episode 38: Satellite Heart (with Jake Kotze)

We enjoy a BAD(214) Romance this Valentine's Day with Jake Kotze . . .


  1. Great episode guys and check this weird syncfest involving Jake and myself.

    Weird stuff indeed.

  2. An interesting episode as usual. I like Jake's point of view even though I think it's quite radical. If I understand rightly he's saying everything is the doing of one's own essence, which seems in a sense a logical inference from the notion that everything is an interconnected whole, which is what sync seems to imply. I have noticed however that often people seem to 'accuse' or dismiss this point of view as being 'merely' solipsism. I would have loved the conversation to have gone more into the whole question of solipsism, and if everything is seen as the doing of one's own essence how that translates into the perception of one's day to day life.

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out to us. I just want to let you know that your letter was read and responded to in the most recent episode of Always Record. Link:

      Thanks again,