Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to the Floyd

Alright, so I had this image in my mind for over a week of the Dark Side of the Moon album cover mixed with the Flux Capacitor to make a Back to the Future-themed prism. Then I made it and it was good.
It was so good, that I was tempted to try playing Dark Side over the BTTF movie. I hesitated, since playing Dark Side over a film might be a bit too cliche at this point. Then I saw this Wizard of Oz reference in a quick frame of BTTF and I reevaluated.
Eventually, the temptation got to me and I tried it out. First, mute the movie. I started with track #3 "Time" and synced the loud clock chimes (about 0:20 into the song) to start just as the clocks appear on screen for the first time (directly after the BTTF logo fades).
As soon as you see this, you should hear the loud chimes 20 seconds into "Time"

The album plays out really nicely from here with some amazing syncs. Wait till you see Marty run over the Scarecrow (another Oz reference) and it laughs maniacally at him. The album ends just after Marty goes back in time. This back-in-time sync made me start the album over at the beginning and play out the first two tracks we had skipped ("Speak to Me/Breathe" and "On the Run").
Once we've officially heard every song on Dark Side, I started the album Wish You Were Here.
When that is over, start Dark Side again, this time starting at Track #1 and letting it play out. The syncs on the second go around with these songs are just incredible. By the time the chimes of "Time" are heard again, Doc Brown is standing on top of the clock tower and is almost knocked off because the clock is ringing so loudly in the movie. Just perfect.

If you want to play along, I found a free version of BTTF on Daily Motion:

I found it helped to set up an audio playlist and just let it run in the background:
But, if you don't own them, the Floyd albums are available for free on YouTube (Dark Side: and Wish You Were Here: 


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