Thursday, July 5, 2012

Always Record: Episode 10

Episode 10:
Exploring the Source, of course of course
July 5th Ball: The Source is the Source, of course of course, but Alan, David and Tommy explore it anyway. Douglas Bolles joins in Part 4.




  1. Wow! I had just finished reading Andras Jones book "Accidental Initiations" and I come here to listen to this podcast where you talk about Ripley's pussy "Jonesy".
    After reading his chapter "C#%+ Punch" where he starts by saying
    "Tell them about the c#%+ who punched you in the face.That's my inner feminine chiming in.
    Sorry,my wife.She's pretty particular about that.We made it official last summer,just after the incident to which She is referring" "
    Then he goes on to tell how he married himself...or incorporated his feminine into his masculine selves.
    And I thought "what a sync?".

  2. Another sync just now,the code to prove that I was human for the above comment was
    8 suedyn.
    The book has an 8 as a central part of
    'The Tree'on the cover of Andras's book,which also relates to his 'Radio8ball' show.

  3. Also you mention the movie
    "The People Under the Stairs" by Wes Craven,
    and of course Andras was in Craven's inspired
    "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master".
    While Wes didn't direct or produce the movie it was based on characters by Wes Craven.
    You mention Johnny Depp also,and of course he was in the original
    "A Nightmare on Elm Street."
    Elm Street,Dealey Plaza,Dallas is where the real nightmare on Elm Street of the 20th century occurred,too.

  4. " Ethan Hawke is set to reteam with his "Daybreakers" directors The Spierig Brothers, time-travel actioner "Predestination". Based on the 1959 Robert Heinlein short story “All You Zombies,” this one concerns a covert temporal manipulation agency that’s tasked with jumping into the past to prevent/facilitate certain key events. Hawke will play an agent who must take highly inventive action to ensure his very existence. The original Heinlein story is a witty, mind-bending temporal-paradox that plays heavily with perspective. It’s unclear at this point exactly how closely the film will follow it; hopefully, the answer is: to the letter. "

  5. One last thing to mention about Andras Jones, seeing the Jim Carey picture at the top of this post is that in Andras's book he mentions being taught acting by Tom Shadyac

    who was Jim Carey's director in
    Ace Ventura/Bruce Almighty/Liar Liar.
    Andras writes in his book -
    " Tom was teaching the Meisner technique;an acting practice created by Sanford Meisner that is dedicated to exploring
    moment-to-moment emotional truths...I have a particularly vivid memory from Tom's class of him telling us that our bodies
    "can't tell the difference between a genuine experience and an intensely imagined experience,like in dreams".

    Tom's last movie was the very worth viewing documentary about his brush with death called "I Am"

  6. Port(Pete)Townsend Film Festival:
    An Interview with Tom Shadyac.

  7. Darren, so glad you're enjoying and syncing with AlwaysRecord. PS: I'm passing your syncs on to Andras.

  8. Brizdaz,

    Cool insights and connections. Glad you're digging "Accidental Initiations".

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at andrasjones (at) radio8ball (dot) com.