Thursday, July 12, 2012

Always Record: Episode 11

Episode 11:


  1. Love your LEGO syncs Alan.
    Check this out;

  2. Oh...and Alan the LEGO guy torch is a
    "twin torch". Both of his legs are torches.

  3. Ethan Hawke is a big sync resonator for me.
    My son spent a whole day with The Spierig Brothers (Michael and Peter...twin brothers)

    when they were editing the movie

    They are also set to direct the upcoming fantasy film "The Power of the Dark Crystal".

    Directing team Michael and Peter Spierig were replacing Tartakovsky. In addition, the film would be released in stereoscopic 3D. During a panel held at the Museum of the Moving Image on September 18, 2011 to commemorate the legacy of Jim Henson, his daughter Cheryl revealed that the project is yet again on hold.

    " Michael and Peter Spierig, the Australian directors behind 2003's low budget zombie cult hit Undead and the dystopian vampire flick Daybreakers, are gearing up to reteam with Ethan Hawke for a new project titled Predestination, which is being pitched as a "a riveting adventure through time."