Friday, July 27, 2012

Always Record: Episode 13

Episode 13: Dark Knight/Red Dawn

Will Morgan joins Alan and Bill for a late night talk on the Dark Knight shootings and so much more.


  1. Talking about Rutger Hauer reminded me of the first R rated movie I ever saw at the cinemas "Nighthawks".
    Starring him and Sylvester Stallone.
    The story was originally planned as The French Connection III by screenwriter David Shaber at Twentieth Century Fox, and would have seen Gene Hackman's Popeye Doyle team up with a wisecracking cop, to be possibly played by Richard Pryor. The main plot was the same but when Hackman showed reluctance to do a third movie as Doyle the idea was scrapped and Universal acquired the rights to the storyline, which Shaber then reworked into Nighthawks.
    The film marked the American debut of Dutch actor Rutger Hauer.

    But you should really look into Rutger Hauer's films.There are some interesting ones.
    As you've already mentioned
    Ladyhawke (1985) (starring Michelle Marie Pfeiffer AKA "Catwoman")
    *Terror in the Aisles (1984)
    *Past Midnight (1991)
    *Split Second (1992)
    Plot summary of "Split Second"
    " In the year 2008, extensive rainfall has caused large areas of London to be under a foot or more of water. Rookie police officer Dick Durkin (Duncan) is assigned to partner Harley Stone (Hauer), a burnt-out and highly cynical homicide detective who, according to his commanding officer, survives on "Anxiety, coffee and chocolate" after being unable to prevent the murder of his partner by a serial killer several years previously. Now however, the murders have begun again and Stone and Durkin are assigned the case. After investigating the scenes of several killings, they appear no closer to identifying the killer, with their only clues being that the murders seem to be linked to the lunar cycle, and that the killer has multiple recombinant DNA strands, having absorbed the DNA of seemingly anything he kills.
    Finally, after Stone's girlfriend Michelle (Cattrall) is kidnapped, the detectives track the killer deep into the flooded and disused London Underground system and discover the truth: The killer is not human, and actually some horrific and unknown homicidal, demonic form of life - Fast, savage, bloodthirsty and fixated upon killing Stone just as it previously killed his partner. In fact, as the movie progresses, each killing and "appearance" of the monster is an attempt to lure Stone closer and closer.
    After a tense battle in and around an abandoned Tube Train, Stone is able to pull the monster's heart from its chest and kill it. However, as the policemen leave the scene with Michelle in a rescue dinghy, bubbles of air are seen breaking the surface of the area of water over which the beast had Michelle suspended as bait. The monster's body is submerged, suggesting that there may be more than one."

    *Surviving the Game (1994)
    *Fatherland (1994) (TV)
    *Crossworlds (1997) (Brazil)
    *Bleeders (1997)
    *New World Disorder (1999)
    *The 10th Kingdom (2000) (TV)
    *Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)
    *Scorcher (2002)
    *Sin City (2005)
    *Batman Begins (2005)
    *The Poseidon Adventure (2005) (TV)
    *Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)
    *The Rite (2011)
    *Dracula 3D (2012)

  2. I couldn't believe you guys didn't seem to realize that Danny Boyle
    (Trainspotting...the Olympic Games opening ceremony,etc) directed the movie
    "127 Hours".
    This was a pet project of his,after making "Slum-dog Millionaire".

    1. Great catch! I can't believe that slipped past us. Thanks Darren!!